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DJ L. Boogie was born Larry Brown, Jr. and a native of the city of Milwaukee,WI. His parents where and still are of the

strict variety, whom fostered a deep understanding of hard work and rooted significance in acquiring a sound education.

Larry stayed focused on following his parents wishes and attending worship services most of his early life. Yet and still, he

developed a keen since and an astute love for meeting new people and burning passion for MUSIC in general; and not

just what he heard in Church!

“I love to witness one's struggle to make it, rather than the success or failure of one’s journey.”

Once he started high school and began to interact with other teenagers outside of the Christian box of his guarded

adolescence, an attraction to new sights, fresh sounds and different MUSIC heard during lunch breaks and normal

student body interaction, Larry was introduced to Hip-Hop; which struck a tantalizing chord in the young teenagers

heart! A bound was formed, which affected him in a most interesting way. Just listening to the Hip-Hop MUSIC itself,

diverted his attention away from most of the negatives and normal peer pressures of teenage life. Concurrently, Larry

landed his first job as a golf caddy and continued to develop his people skills. Loving to work and provide for himself,

plus always exuberayting a positive attitude, Larry was referred to the Milwaukee Bucks Organization by his Step Up

Coordinator. This recommendation landed him a position as a Professional Ball Boy throughout his high school

experience. Hearing the MUSIC in the loudspeakers and feeling the beats during the games boasted a new desire to

collect music and watch any Hip-Hop movies he could find!

Well, stirring all these passions together and after attending numerous house parties, an alter ego was created. Larry

Brown wanted to start DJ'ing and took a course from local DJ'ing legion Dr. B at B-Boy Productions, to acquire the

necessary training of the disc jockeying profession,... DJ L. Boogie was born!

“DJ'ing (Disc Jockeying) is more than just playing song after song, it’s a dance that you hear!”

My story

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